From Travel Agency to OTA: Online Travel Agency

The transformation of traditional Travel Agencies into OTA (Online Travel Agency)

10 years ago, the tourist people were looking for an inspiration in travel agents who find just in the corner of their streets. They asked to friends and familiar to know their opinion and consulted in flyers and catalogues to decide their next destiny.

The current situation differs a lot from that before. Not only because of the behaviour of tourist but the transformation of the travel agencies, converting itself from physical office to the digital environment.

Travellers are looking for suggests in some webs like Tripadvisor or Minube, asking to “virtual friends”, trusting in an “automatic inspirator” that decides in their place what to do to their next travel.

The traditional travel agency has lost the protagonism leaving their place to OTAs or Online Travel Agencies, reducing with it the needed resources and increasing the book speeds. But not everything is positive, the OTAs proliferation has caused also the infidelity of the customer because of the offers increase, the price decline and the market competitiveness, making a more exigent and more expert tourist than before.

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