Biometric technology and offer personalization, the success keys in the tourist company

The biometric technology is within reach of to the marketing sector to ease the identification of the customer and also to personalize the offer, but, what is biometric marketing?

The biometric technology is based on people recognition from their physiognomic characteristics or the behaviour. Even it was known in the XIV century, in China, it was consolidated in sectors like security in the mid-nineteenth century. But is now, after merging with marketing, when it passed to be used with the objective of study the customer comportment, to adopt product or service to their needs.

Being able to analyze the customer, to know their feelings, and determinate their likes and consumption habits, allows a better personalization of offer improving the user experience. Because the customer, doesn’t want to buy a product or a service, but to live a unique experience, something much easier to get through personalization from the obtained results by the biometric technology.

Phillip Kotler, an expert in Marketing, «best companies are the oriented to people». Because they, the customers, are who recommend what their satisfy, criticize what does not convince them, and they are in charge of meeting their own needs. Thus they makeup opinion tribes and go to a specific product or service.


The biometric technology allows to intermediation companies, suggest a route to the user, or a trip, or a experience, or a new product, etc., the simple fact that the potential customer has already bounced information about a place or a concrete object, or has browsed for a while in its web, or has shared content about «that thing» in their social network. I’m sure you’ve been sometime pursued by a banner with an advertising about a hotel wherever where you going. Just the same hotel you were considering for your next break, after of consult its rates in Booking. That’s another way of doing marketing thanks to biometric technology.

But the biometrics not only are focusing on the consumers’ habits. In the hotel sector there is implemented actions based on biometric technology to advantage the ICT integration, and, service personalization, either through wearables devices (like a smartwatch, for example) or using the human body:

  • The Kube Hotel Paris offers the possibility to do the check-in with the customer fingerprint, thus saving the expense of room cards, and making easier the customer experience, the only thing the client has to do is to put his finger on the room door lector, and access.
  • In Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel goes further, They integrate this same fingerprint register as an access tool to every service they offer.
  • Quite futurist is the proposal of Nine Zero Hotel in Boston, a room access by an eye reading system that makes us feel like Tom Cruise in «Mission: Impossible».

And you, have already used this kind of technologies?

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