Freelance, self-employed, remote worker…Are you an e-nomad?

The e-Nomad profile trend, the new «teleworker» in digital environment

The experts define the e-nomad as a new species of worker that integrates the digital technology in their diary life, who works everywhere and break the traditional spacial parameters. That kind of e-nomad worker born from the needs of conciliating professional and personal lives, besides to growing internationalization of companies.

So, whatever cafe, park, library, house… could transform in an office, thanks to the ICT integration (Information and Communication Technologies).

Although Spain is one of the last countries in Europe promoting the «telework», according to the Libro Blanco del Teletrabajo en España, (White book of Remote-Work in Spain), Spain is situated below than European average with only a 26% of workers hired to work from home, in front of the 35% with e-Nomad profile in the rest of Europe.

This  Libro Blanco del Teletrabajo en España, highlights the 57% of workers have the wish that their companies offer them the possibility to develop their work from home, full-time or part-time, as well. But today there are many companies that do not trust this type of work because they lose the possibility of supervising workers and endangering productivity.

But, the reality differs a lot from this thinking. It has been demonstrated the productivity is high with e-Nomads workers because the concentration level is better than a worker in a company. The fact is, many e-Nomad workers suffer even stress because of an overload of work, or the difficulty to establish a labour journey ends.

I consider myself a hybrid e-Nomad… I never leave to work in that I love, in conclusion, are you an e-Nomad?

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