Freelance, self-employed, remote worker…Are you an e-nomad?

The e-Nomad profile trend, the new “teleworker” in digital environment The experts define the e-nomad as a new species of worker that integrates the digital technology in their diary life, who works everywhere and break the traditional spacial parameters. That kind of e-nomad worker born from the needs of conciliating professional and personal lives, besides to […]

Biometric technology and offer personalization, the success keys in the tourist company

The biometric technology is within reach of to the marketing sector to ease the identification of the customer and also to personalize the offer, but, what is biometric marketing? The biometric technology is based on people recognition from their physiognomic characteristics or the behaviour. Even it was known in the XIV century, in China, it was […]

From Travel Agency to OTA: Online Travel Agency

The transformation of traditional Travel Agencies into OTA (Online Travel Agency) 10 years ago, the tourist people were looking for an inspiration in travel agents who find just in the corner of their streets. They asked to friends and familiar to know their opinion and consulted in flyers and catalogues to decide their next destiny. […]