If you want to manage your brand in the digital environment, or you would like to improve your online presence, as a consultant of Marketing specialized in digital environment, I will advise you and give you support in the most influent and important aspects of every areas related eMarketing:

The first step to reach the success is to elaborate a Marketing Plan that covers all the objectives to obtain, market research, strategies to implant and planning to follow.

What is talking about you on the internet? What opinion have your customers about you? Are your competitors talking about you? What they say?Monitoring, tracking and enhancing online reputation, has converted in last years in one of most necessary things in corporate level, Do not hold back.

Your potential client is looking for everything they need on internet, hence the importance of having presence in the digital environment. What need your clients? I will help you to understand their needs and to find the better way to show your products/services by your own website.

Do you know which league play your competitors? A benchmarking (market research), is totally necessary to whatever business but is specially important when we speak about digital environment.

SEO, the acronym in English “Search Engine Optimization”, treats about the positioning in searchers, like Google, of every websites existing in the network. Is one of the most important parts of digital marketing, because if you are not listed on major search engines, how are they going to find you?.

Whether you sell products, like if you sell services or experiences, join up to the digital business and start to market it by your own web. I will help you designing your eCommerce and start it up, so that your online presence is as complete and successful as possible.

The email marketing campaigns and newsletters, are a good way to arrive to the potential clients, as well as win loyalty to existing ones. I can advise you and help you to create an eMail Marketing strategy that gets you closer to achieve your goals.

Google Adds, Displays, web advertising… If your web site doesn’t reach the conversion level you are looking for, increase the possibilities with the paid Advertising Campaigns.


Have a lot of followers in Social Media is important but, how many of them are quality followers??I help you design a Social Media Plan of Communication and Promote to, by creating quality content, you will generate as much conversion as possible to your website. Social Media Communities are the new way to arrive to potential clients, the best way to talk with them and them talk , not only with you, but with you.

Whether in general Marketing we need an action plan,in Social Media we need one too, a plan that cover objectives and goals, analysis, strategies and planning, to achieve the proposed goals. Have you already one?

In Social Media the content is the most important thing. First you must know your public and then give to them what they want. Generate with me quality content that brings you closer to your potential customers and loyalty to the existing ones.

Without analysis and correction of errors there’s no improve. Do you want to know why you don’t succeed in Social Media? Don’t you know why you don’t connect with your clients? Is the conversion and traffic to your website coming from your social networks?? I’ll help you to find out, and to correct it.

I’m going to advice you about your community communication, understanding their needs and establishing a quality content line that gives value both your clients and your potential public.

Currently just a tweet, or a Facebook comment, can go around the world in a few minutes. What happens when one of these comments is negative to your brand? To create a Social Media Reputation strategy that resolve a possible crisis is essential to your business, but first is necessary to monitoring what the community is talking about you in Social Media, are you ready?

Use your social networks as a tool of attraction and redirection of potential customers to your web by the Facebook Adds, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram, and start to obtain results.

If yours are not advertising campaigns but need to direct more traffic to your website, besides to achieve contacts between your potential publc, Inbound Marketing is your best solution, create value content that reward your public and generate much more traffic to your website.
Shall we start?


Subjects of Tourism and Marketing imparted in University and Vocational Training Centers, If you are interested in hire me to impart some of this subjects do not hesitate to count on me.

  • Marketing Information Systems
  • eMarketing & eCommerce
  • Social Media Strategics
  • Innovation and Creativity in Marketing
  • Marketing planning and manage
  • Reatail Marketing
  • Neuromarketing and Social Marketing
  • Management of Social and Professional Networks
  • Blog develop and management
  • Online communication and engagement
  • Online reputation and crisis management
  • Social Media Advertising Campaigns
  • Benchmarking
  • Search engine positioning : SEO, SEM and ASO
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web design and Content Management Systems (WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla…)
  • Global Tourism
  • Tourism Management & Business Administration
  • Tourist Destiny’s Analysis
  • Smart Destinations
  • Tourist Mobility
  • Communication, commercialization and merchandasing
  • Organization of Tourist Companies
  • Fundamentals of tourism
  • Tourist Sector Analysis
  • Strategic planning of tourism business
  • Tourist Information Systems
  • Tourist advertising and marketing
  • Travel product management
  • eTourism
  • Market research
  • Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism

ICTs and its apply in different sectors

Segmentation and “microsegmentation”

Information and Knowledge Society

Web development with WordPress

Digital commerce management with WooCommerce

APP development with AppsBuilder


Courses, workshops and continuous learning to companies, employees, freelance professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs… keep the knowledge of your company updated and always stay abreast of latest trends.

  • Marketing for enterpreneurs and StartUps
  • Business communication
  • Business Marketing Strategies
  • Keeping in touch with your customers
  • Segmentation, microsegmentation and ROI planning : Implement the KPI’s of your company
  • Creation and start up of Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Communities Management
  • Trending Topic‘: Teaching and updating of latest trends to the Community Manager professional
  • Creation and design of a corporate blog
  • Social Media content creation and management
  • Infographics: a new tool of visual communication
  • Relation and integration of Marketing departments, Communication and Social Media of your company
  • eMail Marketing and Newsletters with MailChimp System
  • Video Marketing: Creating and editing with add value
  • Online reputation management: improve your brand image
  • Creating, designing and managing a Newsletter: keep inform your customers and increase your sales
  • How to create a Social Media Plan suitable to my company?

If you are interested in some course "In Company" or in some of subjects I can impart in Universities and Vocational Training Centers, contact with me. If you need more information or believe I could help you in something that not apear between my services, don't hesitate to contact me: