If you want to manage your brand in the digital environment, or you would like to improve your online presence, as a consultant of Marketing specialized in digital environment, I will advise you and give you support in the most influent and important aspects of every areas related eMarketing:


Have a lot of followers in Social Media is important but, how many of them are quality followers??I help you design a Social Media Plan of Communication and Promote to, by creating quality content, you will generate as much conversion as possible to your website. Social Media Communities are the new way to arrive to potential clients, the best way to talk with them and them talk , not only with you, but with you.


Subjects of Tourism and Marketing imparted in University and Vocational Training Centers, If you are interested in hire me to impart some of this subjects do not hesitate to count on me.

  • Marketing Information Systems
  • eMarketing & eCommerce
  • Social Media Strategics
  • Innovation and Creativity in Marketing
  • Marketing planning and manage
  • Reatail Marketing
  • Neuromarketing and Social Marketing
  • Management of Social and Professional Networks
  • Blog develop and management
  • Online communication and engagement
  • Online reputation and crisis management
  • Social Media Advertising Campaigns
  • Benchmarking
  • Search engine positioning : SEO, SEM and ASO
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web design and Content Management Systems (WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla…)
  • Global Tourism
  • Tourism Management & Business Administration
  • Tourist Destiny’s Analysis
  • Smart Destinations
  • Tourist Mobility
  • Communication, commercialization and merchandasing
  • Organization of Tourist Companies
  • Fundamentals of tourism
  • Tourist Sector Analysis
  • Strategic planning of tourism business
  • Tourist Information Systems
  • Tourist advertising and marketing
  • Travel product management
  • eTourism
  • Market research
  • Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism

ICTs and its apply in different sectors

Segmentation and “microsegmentation”

Information and Knowledge Society

Web development with WordPress

Digital commerce management with WooCommerce

APP development with AppsBuilder


Courses, workshops and continuous learning to companies, employees, freelance professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs… keep the knowledge of your company updated and always stay abreast of latest trends.

  • Marketing for enterpreneurs and StartUps
  • Business communication
  • Business Marketing Strategies
  • Keeping in touch with your customers
  • Segmentation, microsegmentation and ROI planning : Implement the KPI’s of your company
  • Creation and start up of Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Communities Management
  • Trending Topic‘: Teaching and updating of latest trends to the Community Manager professional
  • Creation and design of a corporate blog
  • Social Media content creation and management
  • Infographics: a new tool of visual communication
  • Relation and integration of Marketing departments, Communication and Social Media of your company
  • eMail Marketing and Newsletters with MailChimp System
  • Video Marketing: Creating and editing with add value
  • Online reputation management: improve your brand image
  • Creating, designing and managing a Newsletter: keep inform your customers and increase your sales
  • How to create a Social Media Plan suitable to my company?

If you are interested in some course "In Company" or in some of subjects I can impart in Universities and Vocational Training Centers, contact with me. If you need more information or believe I could help you in something that not apear between my services, don't hesitate to contact me: